A combination of tennis and Pickleball for existing tennis courts.

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Short Introduction

Beckyball is played on existing tennis courts, both hard and soft. This eliminates the need for new construction and increases the utilization of existing courts.

No change is required to the court except for the addition of a “kitchen” line. The line can be either permanent or temporary.

The game is played in the service areas and is ideal for doubles.

The rules and scoring for Beckyball are simplified, but regular tennis or Pickleball rules can also be used.


Soft Courts

  • Is played with Pickleball paddles and junior tennis balls (felt).
  • Allows the participation of players with joint concerns.

Hard Courts

  • Is played with standard Pickleball equipment.

Beckyball is designed to make paddle sports more accessible and is free to all. A patent is currently pending.

Beckyball Scoring

  • You can use P/B scoring, tennis scoring or B/B scoring.
  • We recommend the much simplified Beckyball scoring.
  • One person serves all the points in a single game.
  • The first team to reach 5 points wins the game.
  • No "add-in / add-out".The count is in numbers, 2:2 for instance.
  • If the score is tied 4:4 in a game the server can choose which side to serve to.
  • The first team to win 5 games wins the set.
  • One serve allowed. The serve must land beyond the "kitchen" line.
  • The return of serve must land beyond the "kitchen" line.
  • if the serve hits the net but falls in the area behind the kitchen line the serve is a "let".
  • A ball that touches any line is "in".